The Naked Truth

Hi there! My Massage journey began many years ago. At the early age of four I would rub my mom’s shoulders when she came home from a long day at work. I have always had the instinct to rub areas with pain. In high school my older brother gave me some life changing advice: “if you don’t have your health, what do you have?” I took this to heart and started to think about my contribution to the world. This led me to the health care field. I helped my brother with his work at the HIV alliance in Eugene, Or, where I taught elementary, middle and high school students about HIV and safe sex practices. I realized I enjoyed teaching and spreading health knowledge. I was on my way to the magic, but not quite there.

While playing competitive volleyball in HS I got pretty badly injured. I had to stop playing, get surgery and miss the next season. I then found myself spending many hours in the training room and physical therapy office. I became very comfortable in the rehabilitation world and decided to focus on orthopedic injuries and recovery in my studies. In college at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington I was fascinated with anatomy and chose Athletic Training as my major. For three years I studies athletic injuries, preventative measures, and how the body heals. I was starting to really find my passion. After a summer of studying abroad in the Mediterranean I began to see health care as a whole, with many complicated aspects. I wanted to help people in the long term, throughout their whole lives, not just during their season or time of peak athletic performance. I began looking into a more holistic health care field.

The door opened after a good friend reminded me of massage and encouraged me to look at schools. I applied to The Center For Massage and Natural Health and my transformation began. Asheville and CFMNH introduced me to eastern medicine and energy work. These once foreign ideas now gave me so much understanding with explanation. I finally felt at home, realizing the only tool I needed was myself.

After massage school and living in North Carolina I went back to the west coast. I landed in Port Townsend, Washington, a lovely town of boats, mystic views, delicious food and some amazing body workers. During the dark and cold winter months I attended Port Townsend School of Massage for Orthopedic Massage training. This course tied Athletic Training and Massage together in many ways. I worked at Natural Therapeutics in Bremerton, WA where I was blessed with the most amazing mentor, Marilyn Rose. Marilyn created a place where I could grow technically and professionally. I worked with insurance clients, seeing them for 6 weeks at a time. I was rewarded with so much joy from being apart of continual care and seeing real rehab results with my clients.

With my traveling spirit I left the north west and headed to the white-topped mountains of Colorado. I found myself in Avon working at Simply Massage. I enjoyed the freedom they gave me and all the wonderful therapists I worked with. However, after a year I knew it wasn’t the place for me. The universe pulled me to Telluride. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Alpine Wellness and be in the most beautiful place on earth. This community seems to mesh with my outlook on healthcare and life in general. Come on in after your long ski day for some Aprés Healing bodywork. You deserve a massage!