About Après Healing

Did you know massage was the very first type of health care? The oldest written document of massage was in 1,800BC. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, believed that all physicians should be skilled in the art of massage.

Après Healing Massage was established in November 2012 with the intention of promoting wellness in the Telluride community. The business is centered around holistic health care through the use of therapeutic massage and lifestyle education, the goal of which is to decrease pain and increase mobility for every patient.

Fran Headley, owner of the company, has been practicing massage for over 6 years and plans to continue expanding her knowledge and experience for years to come. “Providing healing energy through massage is one of the best things I can offer the people who choose to visit and live in Telluride,” says Headley. “It truly fills my spirit to see my clients smiling after a session.“ Nestled on the second floor of 226 W Colorado Avenue, Après Healing Massage has a great, quiet downtown location. Close to all of the great hotels, shopping and restaurants Telluride has to offer, Après Healing Massage makes it easy to get some relaxing bodywork done during vacation or after a hard day of work or play. The tranquil treatment room offers a place to escape and heal the mind, body and soul.

At Après Healing, it is understood that every client is unique and therefore requires care tailored to their specific needs. Time is taken to listen to and understand the questions and concerns of every person who walks through the doors; even the music is individually selected for each client. This attention to detail allows Fran to map out a customized treatment plan that will maximize the health benefits for each individual.

A variety of techniques are used to optimize the client experience at Après Healing Massage; hot and cold therapy, cross fiber friction, muscle energy technique and neuromuscular therapy are the most frequently used. It takes not only the hands of a therapist to promote and produce a healthy lifestyle; the client must be involved as well. Après Healing Massage is pleased to give patients the tools to include them in the healing process. Individualized stretches or exercises are recommended after each session.

The goal of Aprés Healing is to promote whole wellness to the people of Telluride through therapeutic massage.

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